MediWise the Beginning

In 2006, after recognising the commercial opportunities that existed in the lucrative and growing market for the supply of natural and alternative health products, Danniel Jacques (B.Med.Sci, Dip.Innov.Man – UNSW) founded MediWise™. The company’s goal at the time was to become a well respected leader for the supply of alternative health products in both the Australian and international market.

Since the company’s conception in 2006, MediWise™ developed and successfully patented intellectual property (IP) for a novel method and apparatus which provides a non-invasive and effective alternative (or complementary) treatment for several highly prevalent inflammatory conditions.

In order for MediWise™ to best commercialise our platform technology, we determined early on that it was critical to be initially product-focused rather than technology-focused. This would allow MediWise to move straight into the development, production and marketing of our first flagship product the OSMO Patch.

Having given consideration to market size and growth, ease of market entry, the company’s own core competencies and the large amount of market data already obtained, we decided to first direct our efforts into the manufacturing, marketing and supply of the OMSO Patch, intended for the treatment of a highly prevalent condition called bursitis. With symptoms that include pain, swelling and stiffness, bursitis most often affects the knees, shoulders, elbows and hips of individuals that are active or aging. This includes the 50+ population as well as sporting and trades people

It was soon decided, after the successful release of the OSMO Patch for the treatment of bursitis, that it was now time to expand the target market to include other previously identified highly prevalent inflammatory conditions which affect muscles and joints.

The OSMO Patch has since proven to be a great success for MediWise, selling directly globally through our website and more recently, nationally throughout Australia from one of our more than 400 approved pharmacies or treating specialists.

With our sights set on international expansion and a great pipeline of new products on their way, MediWise is looking forward to an exciting future.