About MediWise

Our Story

Founded over 10 years ago, MediWise was established to develop intelligent health solutions for individuals suffering from common health ailments that result in chronic pain and ultimately adversely affect their quality of life.

At  MediWise, we believe life’s ultimate goal is happiness. We also know that a persons physical and mental health directly affects their Quality of Life and subsequently their happiness. Unfortunately, millions of people today are currently living with debilitating chronic pain and often feel hopelessly lost in an overwhelming and over medicated system that they believe has forgotten them. Through extensive research and innovation we aim to change this by developing intelligent health solutions that will ultimately help to restore or improve the Quality of Life for the millions of individuals currently suffering from these conditions.

We do this firstly, by examining the current treatment options that are available. Secondly we then carefully evaluate how successful these treatments actually are by taking a deep dive into the typical patent outcome . Next we undertake extensive research, and finally we use this research to develop innovative new health solutions. These provide improved patent outcomes through less invasive and drug free ethical treatment solutions.

MediWise Health Solutions

At MediWise we take the time to listen, hear and care about the our customers needs and outcomes.

MediWise the Beginning

How did it all begin? Learn the story behind the foundation of MediWise.

The OSMO Patch Story

Helping people all around the world, but how did OSMO Patch come about?

Where to from here?

The OSMO Patch has been such a success, but what’s next for MediWise?